Flexible polyurethane resin

flexible polyurethane resin

protheflex is a flexible polyurethane resin used for the lamination of all types of flexible prosthetic sockets, hand orthoses, cosmetic coatings, etc.

It is a two-component resin, similar to silicone material but stronger and more durable.

protheflex system

protheflex system is a method of manufacturing flexible sockets with protheflex polyurethane resin.

It is a "sandwich" lamination technique combining flexible material with a rigid frame in the middle. The working process is very similar to the usual lamination process. No need for expensive new equipment.

The result is a single-wall protheflex flexible socket.

protheflex flexible socket

  • ideal for everyday life and sports
  • reduced pressure onto the prominent bony parts
  • longer activity/wearing time
  • muscle contraction freedom
  • stability / full control over leg
  • more comfort when sitting
  • torsion movements available
  • easier kneeling due to the flexible edges of the socket
  • not tearing your clothes

it is all about comfort

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protheflex socket is a soft and flexible prosthetic socket that adapts to the residual limb, allows torsion movements, and absorbs the micro-vibrations to the socket.

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it is ideal for everyday life and sports. A big flexible area of the socket offers muscle contraction freedom which gives extra comfort to the patient.

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it increases the walking distance and wearing time of the prosthesis. Edges of the socket are soft and flexible, muscle work is easier which makes the patient do more.

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although flexible, the socket maintains full volume stability. The volume of the prosthesis does not change under higher body temperature or body weight pressure in the long term. It flexes when needed but comes back to its shape every time.

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when the patient seats the seating area of the socket flexes and adapts to the seating surface. Due to the soft edge of the protheflex socket, kneeling is easier and the knee sleeve and clothes are not tearing so much as with a hard socket.

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protheflex lamination resin can also be used for swimming prostheses and especially for sports prostheses where you need enough freedom for muscle work but still full support for hard-duty workouts.

protheflex ​socket benefits



  • easy lamination process
  • sufficient time for laminating
  • possible multi-stage lamination
  • single wall socket - sandwich lamination
  • possibility of re-lamination
  • thinner wall at critical areas
  • no new expensive equipment required
  • hides prosthetist's errors

possible applications

  • for all types of socket shapes (PTB, Soderberg, EMS, IC, Mass, Quadro-lateral...)
  • for all suspension types (vacuum, pin-lock, RevoFit lace, ...)
  • all levels of amputations (partial foot, BK, AK, hip baskets, ...)
  • for all activity levels
  • no weight limit
  • no size limit
  • water resistant coating
  • for orthotics
  • for flexible cosmetic covers

the man behind it

I work in the field of prosthetics for over 20 years now. I worked for several years at the University Rehabilitation Institute of Slovenia and later on in a private company that I co-owned. I learned a lot from them but decided to fly solo by establishing my own company. I am the inventor of the art-leg sports knee and inventor of protheflex flexible socket system. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always looking for better solutions for existing systems. When I was working with patients I was always asking myself what would I want. The answer was - as much comfort as possible. And this is how protheflex system was born.

Zmago Vidrih, CPO and owner of the company

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